Brakeless Beauty

blue and goldNow that’ll make ya say Dang!¬†


Got a new Canon

Well I recently bought myself another camera.  Here are some photos I took.


new set up at Tejano


Ricky Hush photo bomb. Chase with a message and Jeremy with the boost

Marty Christman

Marty Christman is soo smooth


forgot this dudes name but photo looks good


Draper loves them 22’s


Jeremy and Ryan de los Tejanos Muertos tierra

Derek Heyn enjoying one of his last days on a 20.

Derek Heyn enjoying one of his last days on a 20.



Beretta swangin’ them 22’s

thanks to Alex Hammett for the edit.


Kavy’s 1ndust Cuatro

20140520-144021-52821127.jpgmmm that blue sparkle sure is lookin’ slick.

here’s a Spacetime 22 w/ disk for you to drool over

Probably the Baddest BMX bike the world right now. The future of BMX will be bikes that are stable at higher speeds and fit the individual rider for a more comfortable bicycle motocross experience. mail to get your setup rollin’

Trail to Dreamline 2013

Very happy for Bret Parker and friends to get to be involved with RedBull and the Trail to Dreamline. There’s a lot of 22 Action in this vid documenting the experience. Check it out!

on a side note, the Hidden crew came through lubbock recently and made an edit of the the trip. Another cool vid with just a little bit of 22 action also! Good work CAMERON!


2ton Table


Pepper G floatin a big tabe down at Redbox with his over 40 yr old havin’ ass.